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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm The Best You'll Ever Have

I used to see your tears
before you even cried
I used to feel your pain
before you even knew you were hurting

I used to touch your beating heart
and take away all the pain you held inside
I used to embrace your dreams and breathe life into them
when you didn't know what to do with them

I used to ease your erotic ache
before you dared even ask
I used to kiss your lips and take you to sensual heaven before I brought you back to earth

I was the milky light in your dark moon
The dawn and dusk in your chaotic empty world
The ticking timer in the very breath you inhaled
And the theme song to your deaf universe

When I walked out of your life,
you lost more than just your way
You lost your very soul,

All because...
... ... you wanted to find out
if there was more out there than you got from me

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