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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Broken 'I Love You'

I killed myself last night
I took a rope,
tied it around my neck
and suspended the weight of my body from the rooftop

My soul stepped out of my lifeless body
and walked away
I did not count on a little of me
or a little of you
remaining within my soulless corpse
I did not count on my heart staying behind
when my soul walked away
and I did not count on it staying to say
those words one last time

My soulless corpse now walks the earth
the abrasions on my neck the mark of your love
my half dead beating heart
with only three words to say
but these haunted words are cursed
as my lips are sealed shut

Such a perfect piece of art is my life
death beckons, following me like a shadow
am a sculpture without a stand
incomplete, yet somehow flawless

Such is what your love has turned me into
I don't know if I have the strength to fix these broken words
Broken, but still somehow keeping me alive
Alive, but lacking the innocence of purity

Don't pity me, a shell without a host
A flower without a scent
A body betrayed by its own soul

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