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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gothic Paradise

The darkness whispers your name 
Pulling me deeper into submission 
Past frightening shadows embrace me 
Trying but failing to comfort me 

Echoes of the moonlight create rhythm 
And with it, night crawlers dance along 
Creatures of the night awake 
Crawling, hissing, screaming in buried pain 

Then your daunting face emerges from the grave 
Covered with remnants of death 
Smelling of decaying flesh 
And still, my heart skips a beat 

Not of fear or of fright 
But of passion and of love 
For this gothic paradise you've created 
Where wolves don't cry in the moon 

Gothic paradise that is 
Shunned of human 
Shunned of life 
Shunned of everything that is 'normal' 

Your thin hands clasp my waist 
As you sway and swirl me around 
Dancing along to the tango 
of your dead beating heart 

Magnifying, terrifying 
Breathtaking, horrifying 
Then you pull me into the dark abyss 
The underworld 

Where there is neither good nor evil 
Utopia, our home 
Where goths are not freaks 
And goths are not a cult 

Just ordinary people 
Who dress, feel and behave different 

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