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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Victim of Circumstance

My favourite part about hurting you,
Was never how quickly you forgot,
Or how fast you always moved on,
It was never how I took you back,
Every time you tried to move on,
Or how genuinely hurt you got,
Whenever I decided to walk out on you ... again.

It was never how quickly you forgave me,
Or how eager you were to take me back,
And it was never how you still silently hoped,
I'd find my way back home.

My favourite part about hurting you,
As selfish as this may sound,
Was knowing that your heart,
Would never belong to anyone else.
For me,
Whenever it got too comfortable,
too complicated,
too routine,
too easy,
too hurtful,
or just ... too good,
I always ran away,
And every time,
I always managed to find my way home,
Every time...,
Except this once,
When you didn't try to move on too fast,
Or to forgive me too easily,
Or merely just take me back,
This one time,
I came back home
to find someone else
had already taken my place.