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Silenced Love (A short love story)

Silenced Love
Kerry Belchambers

He stood there and watched her drive away
His heart was pulling at him to go after her
But his pride had his feet stuck to the ground.

He wanted to break down into tears
But his ego wouldn’t let him.

When he went back to the house,
Everything around him reminded him of her
There was a note on the table
His heart was pounding as he reached for it
His hands shook when he opened to read it.

It read: -

“You have always been my best friend,
The best thing that’s ever happened to me
And through everything,
You proved yourself to me over and over again.
When I look back, all I will see are happy moments.”

He took a breath and read on,

“But I wasn’t as good a friend to you.”

His heart stopped.

“I wasn’t a good friend because I loved you more than a friend.
I saw you as more
And I wanted so much to tell you.”

He could feel her hand moving over the piece of paper,
Could see her face, her fear, and tears started to blur his vision

“I was hoping that maybe,
If I told you, you’d tell me you felt the same way too.
But I was too afraid to lose you in case you didn’t.
Knowing you the way I do,
I know you feel alone
But what I really wanted to say was,

When you’re walking by the road,
I’ll be the shadow by your side,
I’ll be the sun, always watching over you,
I’ll be the breeze passing by you,
I’ll be the sweet dreams in your sleep
And I’ll always be the woman who loved you more than just a friend.”

He placed the note in his pocket and ran out of the house.
By the time he caught up with her,
She was about to board the plane.

“What took you so long?” she asked when was in his arms.

“I’m sorry,” was all he could say for the years spent apart.


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