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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Not Broken Anymore

You used to look at me
And see through the cracks
Of the broken pieces
That made me who I was

You used to touch me
And feel the fading dust
Of the emptiness
That surrounded me

You used to pity me
Take advantage of me
Manipulate my emotions
All because you could

I'd sit back and let it happen
Let you break me, piece by piece
Let you tear me apart, little by little
Let you hurt me,
Make my heart bleed for you

I broke easy
I hurt easy
I bled easy
I cried easy

But that was then
I'm not weak anymore
My heart is no longer torn
You can't hurt me as you used to

You see me in pieces
You think am fragile
You think am broken

You can't hurt me
You can't ...
'Cos am not broken anymore

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