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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Sweetest Mistake

I've been trying to stop myself
But every time you touch me
I forget my sense of wrong and right
My mind says one thing
but my body says another

I've been fighting this battle for so long
But I just can't bring myself to stop
You know all of my weaknesses
And you selfishly exploit them

I don't love you
I never have
But every time you kiss me
I just lose myself

I forget that
I belong to someone else
You make me hate myself
But you make me feel
so dreadfully good

Like when we fight
and I walk away
Then you run after me
and pull me back in your arms

Or when you see me with ... ...
And get upset, start a fight
For a second,
I feel like you care
But we both know ourselves

When you look at me,
I can feel your gaze undressing me,
softly caressing my flesh

My body is in constant battle
with my mind and my heart
But my body always wins the fight

Then I promise its the end
Swear it'll never happen again
And leave, hoping its forever over

Stubbornly you play the role
of a loyal friend,
Not so accidentally
brushing up against me

And it all goes right back
to where it all began
With me cheating,
with you loving me
And for another second,
it feels just right

Then I wake up
and I feel so incredibly guilty
Because I can't seem to control
my body's insatiable desire

I swear I want to stop
I want to feel nothing
at your gentle caresses
Or your sweet arousing kisses
Or your angelic whispers of praise

But then I remember
no one will ever unleash this part of me
the way that you do
No one will ever drive as much passion
or as much naked desire through me
like you so expertly do

But I don't love you
My body wants you
but my heart wants someone else

Even though I always let you go
In reality, I can't risk losing either one of you

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