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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turn The Switch

I used to be in love
with the idea of love
I'd fall in and out of love
everyday, all the time

I loved the feel
of my pounding heart,
The automatic smile
at the very thought,
The unusual tremble of my knees,
The curl of my toes in my shoes,
The dreamy thoughts
and futuristic fantasies,

It was always so magical,
falling in love and being in love,
I miss those days
because it was easy and innocent

Love was my loyal companion,
my best friend even.
What happened that love,
simple as it was,
could turn such a beautiful, powerful force
into something so ugly?
Or turn craving and desire
into pain and lies?

I loved how spontaneous
it could at times be.
Now the very thought
of everything it represents
repulses me.

I wish it had an off switch
so that I can get over you.
Trust me, If I could,
I'd rip my heart
right out of my chest
just so I can stop feeling this way.

I'm crippled by desperation
how could my very best friend
turn into my own worst enemy?

I gave the very best of me
and all I got in return
was an easy tear trigger.

Someone tell me,
where is the stupid off switch?

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