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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I silently wonder,
how it would be like,
to be the first one,
to see you when you wake up,
the first still,
to kiss you good morning,
and the first still,
to see your face before I sleep,

I silently wonder,
but sometimes,
the silent wondering gets so loud,
that fantasy becomes insanity,
I prefer reality,
despite the cruel nature of it,

my dreams lie to me,
they tell me we're together
when in realm, we're not,
they tell me am her, when really, am not,
they tell me what I want to hear,
but the beauty of reality,
is that you don't fade away when I awake,

I silently wonder
because its the only thing I can do,
I do often wish I were her,
but I still prefer being me,
because she doesn't realize what she has,
and when you sleep in my bed,
when you feed me those same beautiful lies,
I do honestly think,
I got the best of both worlds,
because you still find your comfort in my bosom.

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