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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Conversations have grown faint
and I can't help but wonder
if this is our last big brawl

silent as it may be,
the unsaid words,
the unshed tears,
the burning sensations of anger,
though unexpressed,
we can both sense its presence

the one that ends it all
yet neither one of us is brave enough
or coward enough to start the fight
because where do we go from there?
once its over, where will our home be?

The silent fight echoes in the background
its calling your name
as loudly as its calling mine
the stage is set,
the audience is present
and the act is ready
but where are the co-stars?
too scared to say goodbye
to this misery of a home
we built together?

I don't want to fight anymore
so maybe we should just take a bow
and make this act... our last.

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