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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Before We Self-Destruct

We have been here before
Long awkward silences
Inanimate objects floating in the air
Like suffocated words we fear to speak aloud
Lest it ignites the dead flares that cause us to self-destruct

We have always been as dangerous apart
as when we are together
our hearts give out
our souls are in constant flight
our thoughts always seeking
but running away from the truth
that our love is venom
and will one day be the death of us

So here we are
Deja vu replays itself
this lethal stand off stares us in the face
the same reasons we fight about arise
but this once
I refuse to fight back
I turn and walk away
and just like that
I pull the pin from the grenade
It starts with a slow soft spark
Then we burn and self-destruct

Just like that
there is no more us
because without you
there is no me

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