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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chained Heart

I lied to you
Sometimes it's as easy as blinking

All those nights I said I slept in peace
I was outside in the cold fighting with the storm

Darkness would engulf me
And pieces of who I used to be
Would fade into the twilight

A phantom now occupies my being
Vengeful, angry and remorseless
The phantom's name is ferocious rage

Once sucked into an illusion of solitude
Now replaced by a faceless ghost
That merges with its shadow in the night
And is afraid of the rays of light

Painfully tight barbed wire chain claps my heart
Squeezing the little life left in me

Tearing the flesh surrounding the wrecked muscle
As splotches of blood and rust, fill the cracked organ
Slowly dying, melting under the sun

But before I go
I must tell you how it began... how it ended... how I died
Because I've been a corpse longer than you know

You see perception can be deceiving
An Illusion of what you want to see
But look closer, look deeper

Do you smell that?
It's the scent of my rotting heart
Hold my hand, do not be afraid

Let me walk you through this
There once was a girl who fell in love...
Isn't that how all great tragic love stories begin...?

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