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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beautiful Heartbreak

Taunting, tormenting, torturous memories 
haunt my nightmares with bloody vengeance 
as ghostly voices echo in the background 
of this broken emptiness that chants your name 

Deathly faces with frightening crow-like eyes 
whisper damaged words 
and I lay... ... 
exposed, open, all yours 
on these dark satin sheets 
crying blood tainted tears 
staring at the leaking ceiling 
as rust engraved dirty droplets of rain 
stream down the skeleton of my rotting flesh 

This beating heart refuses to stop 
as I wait for nature's kindness 
to rip apart my veins 
forever giving me the peace I crave 
as we reunite in the after life 

This dark haunted dungeon 
that used to be our bedroom 
has become my prison 
where I greedily starve for you 
ferociously waiting to take that final bite 

The final bite that will forever set me free 
And end this mortality 
that fate selfishly took you away from.

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