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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Broken Pages of My Diary

The poetry I used to write for you fades
Like the sands on the shore
They are blown away by a breeze
Words that used to hold so much meaning for me
Are now nothing but a smudge of ink on paper

Words that expressed emotions beyond human capacity
And emotions that drove a sane soul completely obsolete
Now my hands shake in withdrawal
Like a junkie trying to quit
Emptiness holds me in captivity

Like a painter's accurate hand
My mind draws images of you
Then my hand starts moving
I can't stop myself from writing
What did you do to me?

My heart warns the rest of me
But the rest of me won't listen
If I don't stop,
This heartbreak will kill me
But death sounds more compassionate
Compared to the torment of living with a broken heart

You have made poetry lose meaning
You have made life not worth living
You have made words start fading
You have made love learn hurting 
You have made time start ending

And you have forced me to learn living without you

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