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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You Broke Me

At midnight tonight
I lay awake in a darkly lit room
Thinking about unmasking myself
Exposing that part of me
That no one else has ever seen

My heart paces back and forth
As my mind creates possible outcomes
Realms of what it would be like

God, I don't know how I got here
Feels like the mouth of a gun is aimed right at me
I forget to breath, to think, to act
Because your presence renders me useless

I turn into a blubbering idiot
Oh, the power you possess over me

I fail in words, most times in deed
I just want to reach within my chest
pull out this dumb muscle
and hand it over to you
because thats what it desperately craves for

Its odd because when I see you,
I just want to run in the opposite direction
Because when you smile,
When you talk,
When you move,
My heartbeat intensifies

Now here I am
Thinking about you
Wondering if you're asleep
If you're dreaming of me
If you've ever even noticed me

Here I am
Asking you to fix me

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