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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Like You Never Left

Every night is the same
Right before I fall asleep
I stare at the ceiling thinking about you
Wondering if you'll be in my dreams again

It should be a habit by now
But the same emotions still overwhelm me
Like suppressed feelings that only come awake at night
I should have known you were a scar that would never go away

In the morning I wake up in a pool of perspiration
My heartbeat so vigorously loud, hurts like hell
Its like am an adrenaline junkie who had to do one more life threatening stunt
But instead of laughing at the end of it,
am filled with fear, caution, nostalgia and a little darkness

Every night its the same
But at times I wake up and I don't remember
I don't want to remember because the recollections fiercely cling on to me
So I live on,
Like it never happened
Like you never left

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