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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fading Words and Broken Promises

You wrote it down on the shore
then branded the promise in your heart
You inked the words on a piece of paper
then placed it deep within my pocket

You sketched the words on canvas
wrapped it like a gift and gave it to me as a present
then we lay in snow and bathed in snowflakes
and you took a single piece and froze it

I believed your creative ways
of showering me with your love
and each single time was more special than the last

Then one day,
the sea washed the words away
the ink smudged in the piece of paper
and the words faded away

The canvas fell from the wall and broke
and the snowflake has melted into droplets of water

All those gestures of grandeur have died down
and with them,
sadly, the love I once saw in your eyes

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