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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Halfway Across the Bridge

My life hangs in the balance
Will the next breath I take be my last?
Will the next beat of my heart
rob me off my soul?

I cry in fear
but my tears freeze into icicles
the moment they touch my face
They dance in the shadow of death
as they fall to their dismayed fate

I want to look back,
halfway across this bridge
but am afraid I will not find you there
Afraid you will have betrayed me

So I stand
Praying for dear life
Hoping your love does not fail me
Waiting for my strength to redeem me

How did I let you talk me
halfway across this God forsaken bridge?
Your sweet seductive tongue deceived me
This rope around my waist is loose
Have you deserted me?
Is it my time to die?

Then if I must,
I have to look back
I don't believe you could have left me behind

So I slowly turn
And I wish to God I hadn't
My heart breaks for a minute
Why are you standing right beside me?
We cannot die together

Then you hold my hand
and all fear is gone
'We'll make it the rest of the way,' you say
And I trust you

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