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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Downfall

For a while back there
I was floating in existence
Barely living, I waited
Waited for something, anything
All the while sinking
into a dark bottomless hole

The universe made
an example out of me
and reduced me into a piece of nothing
a thing for the rest of the world
to make mockery out of
and I accepted and let it happen

I drowned in self pitying thoughts
died in my dreams
to wake up to a dark void reality
Depressed and desperate in nature

I fought everything good
That promised to take me out of that misery
Because that misery had devoured my very soul

But somehow
That tiny piece of you
that had been growing inside of me
fought to be noticed
to thrive and to grow

Like a virus
it had infected me
and it was driving
a surge of electric waves
through my veins
and kick-starting my heart

It fought like a savage
bringing back to life my dreams
restarting every portion of me
that had shut down
and forcing out every dark force
that had tightly taken refuge in me

But still,
I fought and I have fought you
every single step of the way
without knowing
I was fighting the real battle
that could potentially destroy me

Fighting you, fighting us
Its how I have come to realize
that I'm still strong
and still alive

Your love, the love that now
flourishes in me,
has brought me back to life
stopped my fall in the middle
of a deep dark descent
and now it lifts me up and am flying

every single part of me
that was dying
has come back to life
all because
you never gave up on me
when I gave up
on everything else

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