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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I dare you to love me

In every tale that comes to light
In every poem that I unwind
You play the villain, this I confess
But in this myth, my lips today kiss
My dark heart, surrenders to its grace

Not out of choice, or out of fail
But out of something, I'm afraid to face
I've said I hate you, in poetic reflections
But truth in depth, you're my kryptonite
And on this day, my halt commands

You've seen my tears, my heart breaks
You've seen my joy, my laughter fade
You've peeled me open, exposed me bare
You've seen inside of me, yet you're still here
You've taken away my sorrow, healed me somehow

The world around us, fails to approve
But the world within us, makes us complete
Dare I love you, will you hurt me?
Dare you love me, will I hurt you?
The answers we seek, we cannot find

With my dark depthless soul, I come to you
Will you fail me, turn me away?
I care not for the answer, Cos to you I now submit
With your bravado, you will protect me
So I make my plea, and dare you to love me

Regardless we end up hurting each other
I dare you to love me