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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Break and Burn

Been stuck in this maze for years
Every time I get close to getting out
I'm knocked back to where it all began
Now am just tired of trying
Because this maze has become my prison

Your arms don't provide the solitude I once sought
Your love makes me wish love didn't exist
Your eyes hold back everything they once gave

Where are we going? I ask
The passion is gone, the spark no longer burns
Free me from this unhappy fairytale
Lets break apart and burn once more

Forever is too long a term to serve
The twin I thought I once saw in you
The opposing twin that is part of me
It was an illusion of what I wished

Now I look at you
And I barely wanna touch you
All I can think is how badly I wanna get out

So break me free from this maze
Let's end this misery we call a home
Because I can't do it unless you're willing to let me go.

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