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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Heart, be still

Its a beautiful mystery
An enchanting wonder
How seven different colours
Can plan to meet up in the sky
And merge to create that luscious
curve called the rainbow

My heart has been graced
with the presence of
emotions, perceptions,
touches, tastes and scents
but never has it once stopped in awe
as it did today,
when I saw you

Daily journeys and discoveries
corrupt our beings from within
We see and feel things
We're unable to understand
But today
My heart shamed me
When it drilled a hole
from within my chest
in an attempt to get out
and tell you what my lips
cowardly refused to say

Every word I can think of
has been used before
every phrase in every form of prose
has been said and written in a way
but never once
has a death defying grand gesture
such as this been witnessed
all at the mercy of your being

'Heart, be still,' I tell the organ
Like it'll hear me or sense my fear
Because its forcing thoughts into my head
and words into my mouth
begging me to tell you
that you put Aphrodite,
The Greek goddess of love and beauty,
to shame

Not the rainbows in the sky
nor the wonders of the sea
can compare to the raging force of beauty
that my heart sees in you

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