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Thursday, August 26, 2010

If I were a wish...

If I were a wish,
Not just any wish,
But your own personal wish,
I would fly like a shooting star
Nice and bright across the midnight sky
I would rain like twilight snow
Embrace your spirit and heal your scars

If I were a wish
I'd tickle your feet
Take away your self pity
Make you laugh tears of supreme joy
Till you forgot your own identity

If I were a wish
Not just any wish
But your very own wish
I'd touch your kind face
And take away that self doubt
Replace it with words and poetry
Just to remind you how truly beautiful you are

If I were a wish
And by God's mighty grace
You were the person I had to grant it to
I'd place my hand upon your chest
To feel the rhythm of your beating heart
And I'd remind you how lucky you are to be alive

If I were a wish
And maybe this is why am not
I'd build chariots of gold and diamond
Make you a kingdom
Turn you into a princess because then,
the world would be at your feet...

But am not a wish
I'm nothing to you
You look at me, and pity me
And all I wish to do in turn
Is give you the world.

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