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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Misery With Your Name On It

Oh God,
How do I say this?
Do you see these eyes?
Whenever they're closed,
Its your face that they see
And whenever they're open
They're blinded by your memories

Have you ever loved so much?
Loved so much it hurt to breathe?
Loved so much your heart stopped beating?
Loved so much, it turned to hate?

Oh sweet dread
Sweet vengeful sorrow
Look at me beloved saint
Look at me and tell me, are you happy?
Are you happy that I love you in the manner of your wanting?
Love you so hopelessly much, am consumed by hate?

Do you like it?
That am such a loyal slave?
Dare you, master, turn your charms elsewhere
It'll be the very end of me
Psychotic, I may be but I belong to you
You made me this way
Moulded me to love as per your desire

Unhook your fangs
Free me from your grip
or just simply end me
Because if you don't,
its your corpse that they will find

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