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Monday, January 11, 2010


If I could,
I would,
I'd go back,
Trap myself,
In the realm
Of my yesterday
When I wasn't
afraid to dream,
afraid to laugh,
afraid to dance,
afraid to love,
afraid to cry,
afraid to live,
When my biggest worry was,
What am I watching tonight?
Or, if I wear this,
will you notice me?
though I failed
to see it then,
I had everything,
My virgin heart
had never known pain,
My innocent eyes
had never felt
the stinging urge
to shed tears,
My delicate thinking,
was that of a child
I'd give anything,
to go back just once,
the innocence,
of the child in me,
could cleanse this corrupted aura,
of what the present me has endured

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