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Monday, January 11, 2010

I still believe in your lies

Its getting darker
The storm outside is growing angrier
The world we built together is crumbling fast
Standing near the window
Watching it all fall apart
You take my hand
My heart stops... just for a second
Then the pace resumes
Your touch is soft
Softer than in my memories
I don't want to look up
Because am afraid of what I'll find
There is a rip in the sky
It resembles the one in my heart
I can almost feel the storm's fury
The rage that is locked within the false illusion
I swear if I look up and find that look upon your face
It'll make this harder
'It'll be okay.' Don't say those words
Because it won't be, it'll never be
I want to turn the last page that is left of this story
and finally put an end to it
But am stuck at the climax
You won't tell me how it ends
But if I let myself look back and reflect
I swear I can guess the ending
It stares me right in the face
I'm not afraid anymore
But maybe I should be
Because there is no light at the end of this tunnel
Yet you, the author of this story,
still naively lingers within the pretense
of what could have been
What you made possible could never be
Let me close my eyes and fade away
It's the author who will live on
Not me, the dry ink within pages in the book
Or me, the character that for a while
made you believe there was such a thing ... as love.

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