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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Open Your Eyes

Look at the way she looks at you
Silently wishing you could see her
Look at the way she tends to your every need
Hoping someday you'll show some appreciation
Look at the way she forces herself to be patient
Because you no longer notice her existence
Look at the way she lifts herself up
Every time you stomp on her
Look at the way
you build up her strength
Then yank it away in dismissal
Look at the way she continues to stick around
Because she loves you

Now watch as she packs to leave
Because she's tired of you taking her for granted
Watch as you try to stop her from walking out of your life
When you didn't notice she was in it before that moment
Watch as you realize how much she means to you
When before she was nothing but an insect in your way
Watch as she ignores your attempts to have her stay

Now slowly, observe as you turn into her
Trying to meet her every need
Only to be shown that its not good enough
Trying to show her how much she means to you
Only to be stomped on
Trying to look at her
But to never really understand

Open your eyes and see her
Because thats all she's ever wanted.

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