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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Defile me

Tear off my clothes
Furiously or softly
Rip them off my skin
Take a little bit of flesh
Make me bleed... but only if you must.

I'm your prey tonight
I'll put up a fight
Try to scratch off your eyes
I'll even scream
Cry tears of harm done
But you mustn't stop
No, you mustn't stop.

Force down my hands
Tie them if you must
Duct tape my mouth
Take away my will

Liberate me
Ravish me
Be gentle though
I've heard its painful

Be a predator
My monster

Tonight, I'm a stranger to you
Not a cursed virgin
Who has never known
the forbidden pleasures of another
Define me tonight
Give me an identity
Not a victim
But a willing prey

Defile me
Deflower me
Destroy me
Make me
Take me
Hurt me
Then heal me

Release me
then free me.

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