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Monday, June 20, 2011

Pandora's Box

Emotions I never knew I possessed pour out of me like a raging storm, distraught on destroying me, the more I try to hold it in, the more it overpowers me, like a can of worms filled with multiplying organisms, I try to explain this surge of release, but words evaporate from my lips like hot water turning to steam.

I waited for this downpour, I knew it was coming, but the intensity of it leaves me so weak, so emotionally and psychologically crippled, it makes me doubt my strength.

I opened Pandora's box, waiting to explore the contents inside, but I was not prepared to be met with these heart-wrenching emotions, that leave me panting for breath, like a person fighting to breathe under water.

You are so vivid in my mind, makes me question if you're truly really gone, am I still in the denial phase of the five phases of grief, or am I past insanity?

The world has become so vague, its like am looking at it through broken glass, unable to feel, unable to touch.

Did I rush it? Thinking I was ready to deal with your departure? And should I now let this ugliness consume me? Cos I lack the ability to push these emotions back into that box.

You took such a big part of me then left me exposed for the world to see. If you loved me, I beg you to please give it back, because if you don't, I will turn into the ghost you are and I will cease to exist.

Give me back my will and let me close Pandora's box, hopefully then, I will restore some semblance of peace and calm back into my world.

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