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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Broken Piece of Glass

These stars illuminate the earth with sparkly glee
and branded on each is the length of your name
They resemble the scars in my heart
Scars that are unlikely to heal

Someone broke me into tiny little pieces
and then took them all and threw them away
Like sparks of glitter on a snowy day
I struggled to find them
in an attempt to rebuild myself

Putting them back together wasn't easy
Because it was like a puzzle with clues that did not fit
I did my best
but the result was a distorted image of a former self
A person I could not recognize

You touched my heart and turned those scars into beautiful pieces
and I went to the centre of the galaxy
and wrote your name on each star
To remind you, case you forgot
That you now own my heart

I know its an ugly sight
But through your eyes
I see so much more
Because of you
I am no longer a clue trying to find my way home
I am a star sparkling in the sky
and you are the glowing light within it

Without you
I'm nothing but a broken piece of glass

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