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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bleeding Heart

My heart bleeds for you
It bleeds for everything
you've had to endure
at my cruel side

I see your angelic face
and tears I didn't know I possessed blur my sight
Because I can see your pain
Every frame of it that I've inflicted

In the same breath I say I love you, I hurt you
Easily swayed to believe untruths
Shame and regret fills me now
Deep inside I know now that I don't deserve you

I push you away when you try to get close
I walk away when you want me to stay
These truths I was unwilling to face
Today, I acknowledge and accept

I've said am sorry a thousand and one times
now I know its never been enough
because the hurt in you, now owns a place in me
and for as long as it lives in me
I'm never going to hurt you again

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