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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Resuscitate Me

You struck a dagger through my chest
then pulled it out to watch me bleed
You pushed me into the deep end
and stood back to watch me drown
You emptied a revolver in me
and watched them put me in a body bag

As I died
each time you hurt me
I'd see your face
I'd hear your voice
Then my world would turn pitch black

In my last breath
I'd find life again
and I would live it beside you
only to watch you come up with a new way to kill me again
and every time you would succeed

You'd knock me on the head with a hammer
crack my skull and watch me lifelessly twitch
I swear I don't know how I came back
until once,
when you thought you had succeeded
and I woke up
to find you trying to resuscitate me

You would kiss me
and being the fool I was,
I would kiss you back
and then you would slip venom in my mouth
and again,
fate would side with you and together,
you would watch as my organs gave up in death

I don't know why I'd let you do this to me
time and time again
but my body has no more fight

You have won
My heart is dead
Do not try to resuscitate me
because this time
when I come awake,
I swear I'm the one who will kill you
and it will be a slow, painful death
by the time am done with you
you'll be begging me to end it 

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