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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Favorite Regret

Every time I close my eyes,
I think of a thousand reasons
why I chose to walk away
I feed myself all these clueless lies,
Then I see your face in my dreams,
and am overwhelmed by regret

I thought I was being brave,
when I left you on that bridge,
I thought there was no room
for you in my life

But the truth is
You terrified me
'Cos from the moment I saw your face
I swear I knew you were the one

Instead of embracing it
I ran like a coward
chasing after the wind
'Cos I had never known fear
Until I saw your face
Until you touched the heart within my heart

I think about all the choices
I could have made
I think about all the ways
I could have had you
I think about the life
we could have made together
and I swear I wish I could go back

I saw the tears in your eyes
I could not even get close enough
to say goodbye
Such was the coward
I had become
Now I wish
I could take back that single day

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