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Friday, May 20, 2011

Guess We'll Never Know

Sometimes I cross the road
when a car is passing
and leave it to chance to decide
if am really meant to be here
That rush is so addictive
I don't even know
when am doing it anymore

My time passes swiftly
as fast as that gust of wind
that whips me across the face
and awakens me to my life
a life filled with so much uncertainty

Like a love
that is not mine to claim
A life
that I cannot ask to share
Shreds of hope
quickly banished by reality
Bits of truths and lies
that hold me captive

Yet I stay
And I know that
you struggle with it too
You fight
with your emotions
Passions that
never fail to build us
But still balance
the nature of our pitiful bond

We lie to ourselves
though the laughter and the joy is genuine
The dreams that haunt us
do they define us?
the thoughts that harass us
can they free us?

So I cross the road
without looking to the right or left
and risk being run over by a car
because the outcome of the tragedy
is as uncertain as the love we share.

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