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Monday, August 16, 2010

Your Lies are My Lies

I love your lips 
The magic they possess
The secrets they hide 
The wonder they hold 
Nobody knows, 
but your lips, 
Your lips captivate me 

And your tongue 
Oh God, your tongue is my heaven 
The way it twirls when you talk 
The way it plays with them words 
Your tongue has me spellbound 

Dare I speak of your eyes? 
Those big beautiful baby browns 
They serenade my heart by thy mere sight 
Make me lose my very senses 
From the way they seem to know me 

I love them all because combined, 
they come up with the most intricate lies, 
They drown me in tell tale illusions 
Realms of intimate magnitude 

Your beautiful lies build me up 
And I love them, 
I truly do 
Because I love you 

They merge us so erotically well 
Not just your lies, 
but mine also 
Mine, that are unfamiliar to you 
Lies that a truth would destroy

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