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Monday, August 16, 2010

I wanna forget tonight

You keep trying to tear down my walls 
but you don't care enough to ask why those walls are there in the first place.

You just assume that someone hurt me 
and a little show of reassurance will make the walls come crushing down.

You hold my hand as though you understand what is inside of me, 
but if you did you would know I want to pull away.

You talk to me as though you're my best friend but the truth is, 
I barely even know you.

You talk of romance, 
throw in the stars and the moon dust, 
then you think you've got me where you want me.

You shed a tear as you recount a past tale of heartbreak 
then ask if I can relate and the truth is, 
my walls are starting to crack.

This heart that has never known weakness 
silently cries along to the rhythm of yours.

You take my hand again 
and I see through your eyes 
and I swear I don't ever want to remember tonight.

I see myself through new eyes 
and the reflection looking back
makes me realize that you are me.

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